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PLEASE DONATE The analogy of the rainbow is that each color by itself is beautiful, but when put together in harmony they create this great spectacle we call the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow there is a treasure that treasure lies within us, we must find it and share it with those less fortunate than us. In this case “it’s the children” The children need you, we need you, and for that we thank you.

Please give generously. Remember to 'Gift-Aid' your donation as we will receive 25% extra.

The Team

Patron & Trustee - Chico Slimani 


I would like to thank my RFC family from the bottom of heart for your time, your heart felt sacrifice and generosity.

You have never asked for anything in return other than to make a little difference in this world, and see a smile on these children's faces, and for that I thank God for bringing you all into my life, and making this dream come true.

You are angels in human form and light workers who work for the greater good of mankind, and for that I would just like to say;

I love you, I thank you, and I couldn't do this without you.


Chico xxxxxxxx 

Events Manager - Flora Boyle
Flora saw the birth of Rainbow Child Foundation. She was a visionary with an immense generosity, not only with her time but with her heart and soul and without her sheer dedication, drive and determination RFC would not be where it is today... Thank you!
Trustee & Events organiser- Daniyela Rakic-Slimani

Daniyela is Chico's wife and Rainbow Child Foundation was named in her honour after being given her her spirtual name 'Rainbow' by Chico's Spirtual Sufi Master, Mawlana Sheik Nazim QS.

Media coordinator - Robin Tucker

The man behind all RFC's media, filming and Photography, he has been with us since it's conception and his help in taking the charity to where it is cannot be measured in words.


Robin Tucker



Photographer - Darren Paul

Event organisers - JC Mac & Stephanie Campbell