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RCF are proud to support Ekulfi Trust
Rainbow Child Foundation’s main aim is children’s future and education is at the centre ... Read More

RCF is supporting Autism parent empowerment
Rainbow Child Foundation are concerned for all well being of children, and autism is one of them as ... Read More

Barnhem Orphanage Phuket
... Read More

proud to support the feeding programmes - Sanctus Home
Santus Home RCF is proud to support the feeding programmes Sanctus Home ... Read More

RCF donates 50 water pumps in Pakistan
We are very proud of this project reaching thousands of people to access clean drinking water and fo ... Read More

Somalia well project

RCF is proud to work alongside the light house community foundation to provide water wells in Somalia. Water which is so abundant and taken for granted in the west is a life force for these villages, which allows children to go to school instead of walking ten miles in treacherous terrains to fetch water. your help is paramount and anything you can do to support us is greatly appreciated. 

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