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PLEASE DONATE The analogy of the rainbow is that each color by itself is beautiful, but when put together in harmony they create this great spectacle we call the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow there is a treasure that treasure lies within us, we must find it and share it with those less fortunate than us. In this case its the children. The children need you, we need you, and for that we thank you.

Please give generously. Remember to 'Gift-Aid' your donation as we will receive 25% extra.


Our Aim

 By the time you read this hundreds of people would have died of a water related disease, unfortunately most of them are children.

The aim is to provide self-sustained eco friendly rainbow child villages. We believe in hand ups, not handouts. Rainbow child is dedicated to fulfilling it’s promise by giving 100% of its profits to the cause.

We believe in empowering people to become independent and use their God given talent to give back to their community, as the old saying goes “ give a man a fish and he will eat for one day, but teach him how to fish, and he will eat for the rest of his life”

Chico said “people think that they have to do grand things individually to make a big difference but it’s the small things that we do collectively that make a huge difference” All we need is one child to get an education, and who knows they might just be the next scientist who discovers the next cure for aids or malaria. Now that’s a dream worth having don’t you think?

Rainbow Child Pumps